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The Outreach programme in Tairawhiti was established in 2018 and now has 14 participating schools across primary, intermediate and high school.  It provides a proven framework for professional learning that is focused on developing teacher capability and confidence in digital technologies and their affordances in learning and teaching.  


At the heart of this programme is the strategic goal to lift the progress and achievement levels of learners in our region, increase the level of engagement in learning and make access to digital technologies and the internet more equitable.

The programme's Learn, Create, Share model aims to empower learners and educators through an experience of visible, ubiquitous and connected learning.


The Manaiakalani Education Trust was formed in 2011 to ensure the schools delivering the Manaiakalani programme have the resources they need to make the most of the opportunities available through digital technologies. The Trust draws on resources from philanthropy, the New Zealand Government and national and local businesses to ensure the programme’s long term sustainability.

Manaiakalani is the name of a star line, translated "The Hook from Heaven" and the name of the demi-god Māui Tikiti a Taranga’s fishhook, which he used to pull up a giant fish at the bottom of the ocean – a metaphor for the discovery of new islands at the bottom of the earth. It’s also a perfect metaphor for our journey of discovery using digital learning tools as a hook and a guide to deliver the knowledge our children need to be successful citizens of the 21st century.



Pedagogy and Accessability

To make digital citizens of our learners and their whanau, we enable them to access their learning anywhere, anytime and at any pace. We do this by supporting parents to buy a personal digital device for each learner and providing wireless internet access at home and school and by supporting Manaiakalani teachers in their continuing pedagogical innovation. Accelerated student achievement outcomes are evidenced by an extensive research base.

We have always invested in research to measure the effectiveness of our pedagogy. The research to date shows the strong improvement in learning outcomes is supported by:

  • an effective Learning pedagogy that is materially changing the school experience of students from years 1 to 13

  • high levels of parental engagement

  • affordability of 1 : 1 digital devices for all students from years 4 to 13

  • provision of fast internet to all students to enable any time, any place, any pace learning from any one


Manaiakalani Outreach is an opportunity for Communities of Learning to partner with Manaiakalani to embrace the “Learn, Create, Share” pedagogy along with its digital infrastructures and affordances. Outreach focuses on New Zealand school children, their families and whānau in challenged, stressed and isolated communities, particularly but not exclusively, in Decile 1 and 2 school areas.  This development is committed to supporting those New Zealand learners and families that find it difficult to access and/or afford local, global and digital citizenship. It is about delivering visible, learner centric learning and de-mystifying education for those learners so that they can stand alongside others as equals in knowledge building in school, in their communities and in wider society.

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