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Curiosity, collaboration and community

House of Science is passionate about inspiring young New Zealanders' interest in science through tangible learning experiences. They are a charitable trust providing quality science resources to schools and professional learning for teachers to promote positive engagement with science in all its forms. 

Established in 2013, House of Science was founded by Chris Duggan, a trained biochemist, former Bay of Plenty secondary school science teacher and college Head of Department.

The House of Science vision is to raise scientific literacy. They aim to achieve that by resourcing and connecting local science communities. Their core values are curiosity, collaboration and community.

Connext became involved with the House of Science in 2017 after founder Chris Duggan got in touch with the Trust and presented the House of Science program to them. The trustees were excited that such a wonderful program could be available to the students of Tairawhiti.

The trust has been working with the House of Science to get this project up and running for 2019.

Teachers, students and the wider community can access the diverse programmes and educational materials including:

  • a comprehensive science resource library for primary schools

  • teacher professional development

  • annual science conference

More information can be found at

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