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Supporting schools into the digital learning space as well as parents, kids and communities.

Connext founded the Connected Kids in partnership with the HB Williams Family Trusts after becoming aware of the successful Manaiakalani Education Trust based in Auckland.  Focussed on providing the children of Tairawhiti with equal opportunity to access the affordances of digital technologies for teaching and learning this programme is working hard to upskill teachers through professional learning and in-class facilitation to develop digital fluency, confidence and more equitable access to digital devices and internet connectivity.  Connext Trust partnered with the Manaiakalani Education Trust to form a local cluster which now comprises 14 schools and is part of the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme.

The Connected Kids project kicked off in Gisborne in early 2018 and is now steered by a experienced and knowledgeable group of like-minded people on the Advisory Group.

The first step of the project is working with teachers in schools in Tairawhiti to increase digital awareness in teachers and improve infrastructure in schools.

The second part of the project is delivering devices into families that are affordable and more accessible for all.

Connext website photo - Manaiakalani kid


Engaging, developing and providing accessibility to all.


Manaiakalani and Connected Kids have employed two full-time staff to the program in Tairawhiti. It is the role of these employees to get into schools and work with teachers to improve their knowledge and engagement.

The employees will also work to put the teachers through digital literacy programs and courses to improve their knowledge base.

Connext website photo - Manaiakalani kid


The Connected Kids Advisory Panel

Clockwise: Jo Haughey (Connext General Manager), David Langford, Prue Younger, Albie Gibson, Ivan Lomax, Phillida Eivers, Tim Gander and Jenny Oxley (Manaiakalani). Absent: Neil Smoker.

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